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These messages were
received from a citizen
living in the Iraqi city of
Ramadi who is in
personal contact with
members of the Iraq Hope
Network. E-mail is one of
the only methods
of communication left
available to Iraqi citizens,
and as such is a vital tool
with which to make
known the true situation
of what is occurring in
their country.


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To the peaceful people in USA

To the peaceful people in USA
Message from Iraqi friends (Co-workers of our projects in Iraq )

I cannot believe that the Bush administration wants to help iraqi
people.All what they do is killing Iraqis and destroying our houses
and cities. If President Bush asked me, " How can we help you?",
my answer will be " Get out your criminal troops from my country
and my life".

Why are they killing people and my friends?
Why is US troops destroying my city?
Why are they scaring our kids?
Why are they spending billions $ till now to fighting among our houses?
Why there is a US tank in front of my house every morning?

I need answers for these questions from President Bush.
If he couldn't answer, please, I need answer from US citizens.
I need to tell US citizens "Please do not allow your soldiers to be
criminal any more and ask them to go back their families without
Iraqi blood". I know Iraq needs help, and I know that troops, guns
and tanks are not helpful. It makes our cities fighting yard and
stops our kids smiling and scare them and kill them.
Please imagine 150000 Iraqis were killed during last 2 years,
and it means 150000 families feel sad and anger with US troops.

The average numbers of Iraqi family members are 10 persons,
and most of them are kids and youngs. Now you can imagine
that more than 1.5 million Iraqis are angry with US troops,
in add to millions lost their houses, cars, jobs, and hopes.
And there is more than 45000 waiting for their families in jails,
such as Abugraib jail, and people in jails are abused by US soldiers.
So there are millions of Iraqis angry with US troops and need help.

The best help for us is to get US troops out. I have American
friends, but they don't carry guns. Sometimes I think about the
possibility to be friends with US soldiers who found in front of
my house. But I remember their guns used to kill many Iraqis.
I know it is impossible to be friends unless they throw the weapons.

On the 6th of May 2005, the people in Ramadi decided to stay in
their houses and stop working and shopping for 2 days. On 7th &
8th May 2005, as peaceful rejection against US troops behaviors
and US sanction on Ramadi. US troops was saying " We do not care"
and they were moving in Ramadi streets with their loudspeakers
asking the people to get out their houses. In add they entered
Anbaar University and inspected it. ( there was no students in )
and as usual they destroyed some doors and equipment.

P.S. I have good news. I can fix my computer by myself now.
I fixed my computer for 4 times. Because the US soldiers
destroyed it again and again during their inspection my house.

Thank you for your care about PEACE

(8 May 2005 Re-recording)
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